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Let’s face it, most people don’t expect the power to go out all of a sudden for days at a time. If it’s already happened to you, then you’re looking for a long-term solution. Now that it’s been made clear that you should expect periodic, unscheduled power outages for at least the next 10 years, what can you do to be prepared for when it does?

SEC is ready with a complete solution that will keep you powered up indefinitely. Schedule a consultation to review your options. Let’s get your lights back on ASAP and keep them on!

Retrofit Services

If your installer isn’t available to take care of your existing system, SEC will! We’re answering the call by providing services to anyone who owns a solar system regardless of who installed it.

We’ve heard enough complaints over the years from solar owners not being able to add additional panels or backup batteries because the company that performed the installation doesn’t offer the service, or they just won’t do it.

System Repair and Maintenance

The SEC technicians are fully equipped to inspect and troubleshoot problems onsite, determine the root cause, and provide the right recommendations to keep your system operating at maximum output.

  • No Cost initial system performance consultation
  • System troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • System service, repair, removal and reinstall

Bird & Critter Guard

In addition to being a clean and reliable source of sustainable energy, solar panels can provide safety for birds and rodents hiding from predators and keeping out of the hot sun. Unfortunately, it’s dangerous for the system and can result in costly repairs. To prevent wildlife from moving in, SEC installs deterrents before the panels are installed and before the pest problem occurs. The bird deterrents consist of a special mesh that is attached with clips that do not damage the panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are an investment in green and renewable energy. They are a brilliant energy option that gives you a return on investment – many times creating more energy than you are using, therefore putting money back into your pocket.
Your panels are also an investment worth protecting! Solar panels collect a plethora of dirt and debris, including leaves, bird droppings and dust that builds up and cannot be cleared by regular rainwater. The film that forms on your panels can reduce their output by 30 percent, so it is critical to keep them clean and running at capacity.


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