Stay-at-Home Orders and Sustainability with Solar

As the California stay-at-home orders continue, our essential services and workers are helping us all get through these challenging times. Because crisis or not, we still need to have our basic needs met. Being able to maintain a safe and secure home is always a top priority for families. When we look at what sustainability really means, it’s easy to see that a simple home upgrade can go a long way to protect your budget—and your peace of mind.

Sustainability and Problem-Solving

The sad truth is that one bad thing doesn’t put other cases of “bad luck” on hold. The day you misplace your wallet, you might also have problems starting up the car. That’s why we have to prepare for what we can, when we can. Accidents happen, but there are some concrete measures we can take to safeguard our homes and way of life.

Power outages are still an option in the coming weeks, months, and years. And if public health concerns are still on close watch, there’s a chance that the public infrastructure will be stretched too thin. Sustainable power supplies can help homeowners keep the fridge cold, keep the AC on, and keep those electronic devices running. Solar energy provides a reliable line of defense to any curveballs that might come our way, whether from a stressed power grid or another type of disaster throwing down your street’s power lines.

What’s more, with the stay-at-home orders still staying strong, a lot of homeowners are finding that they’re spending more money than ever before on their electric bills. Switching to solar can deliver long-term savings, as well as sustainability. And right now, we can put together programs to get homeowners qualified for solar. Utilities are an essential service. We can help you upgrade to a sustainable home energy solution.

Loan Options for Solar Panels
Many homeowners already understand the benefits of going solar for their own lifestyle and for the planet, but they may still have hesitations related to the cost. In reality, though, there are plenty of ways for us to put together special pricing options to help with your upfront investment and get those electric bill savings underway.

There are also time-sensitive loan options available, so if you want to take the next step toward self-sufficiency, now is the time. Having solar energy can protect you from power outages and skyrocketing electric bills. Once your solar system installation is complete, you’ll basically be able to eliminate your electric bill liability for the next 25 years. It’s just a matter of getting qualified for the right loan programs and working with the right solar company.

Need Help with Solar Financing?
We make it easy to achieve sustainability with solar. In uncertain times, it feels better knowing that your home has the power it needs to keep everything in order. Let’s get you there! Our team at SEC Services is proud to work with homeowners at every stage of their solar journey.

Clients all throughout Northern California call on us to get the job done. If you’re ready to start discussing your options with solar financing, we’re here to help. We’ll check whether solar panels would even be a good fit for your home, and then we’ll work with you to get qualified for the right loans and any other special pricing deals. Send us a message, and we’ll be in touch!