6 Immediate Benefits of Going Solar

Solar energy is gaining in popularity year after year, but what exactly makes it so appealing to homeowners? In general, we think it comes down to six key categories. There are many reasons to make the switch to solar, but sometimes it helps to focus on the benefits that come right away.

6 Reasons to Go Solar Now

There’s a saying that the best time to plant a tree is “twenty years ago.” But the second-best time to plant a tree is today. Well, something similar holds true for installing a home solar system. The sooner you can get the benefits, the better. A quick review of these reasons might help motivate you to move forward:

  1. Do the math.

Currently, you pay the utility company for 100% of your electricity with a loan term of your entire life with guaranteed annual increases!

Example of a monthly average bill of $150:
$150 x 12 months = $1,800 per year x 10 years = $18,000. 25-years = $45,000 (assuming no increases)
Cost of a solar system to produce the same amount of electricity for 25 years:
$17,200 total cost and subtract the 26% tax credit of $4,472 = net cost of $12,728

$45,000 for 25 years of electricity!
$12, 728 for 25-years of electricity!

  1. The tax credits are changing.

Currently, the federal government is offering a solar tax credit for residential solar panel installations. If you’ve been thinking about getting a system for a while, now is the time to act. This credit is supposed to remain in place at 26% until December 31, 2020. After that it drops to 22% in 2021 and 0% in 2022. Early adopters of solar can enjoy these extra savings, but you’ll likely miss out if you postpone your installation.

  1. Solar power gives you a great ROI.

Your solar investment helps you save on your home’s energy costs in the very first month that your system goes live. But it’s important to remember that the ROI extends far into the future too. Imagine being able to eliminate your utility bill. Isn’t that a change worth making? Solar is about the long-term gains, and as a renewable resource, it’s here to stay.

NOTE: Even if you finance your solar you are locking in a monthly payment that is fixed at a cost that is far below what you’re paying the utility company!

  1. You can boost your property value.

By now, you’re probably aware that new homes in California are required to have solar panels. But whether your home was built five years ago or fifty years ago, you can do yourself a favor by installing your own solar panel system. Today’s home buyers are looking for energy-efficient solutions, and offering a new solar system as part of your home upgrades is a sure way to get people to take notice if you ever decide to put your home on the market down the road.

  1. It’s better for the planet—and your kids.

We should also look at the bigger picture. While no one can predict the future with absolute certainty, there’s no denying that climate change is in the works. Adopting solar and other renewable energy solutions can help ensure that our planet will be safe for future generations. In that sense, the investment isn’t just for your bank account, it also lets others know that you care about making a positive difference in the world.

  1. We feel good by doing good.

There’s also something to be said about feeling proud of your decisions. Lowering your carbon footprint can have a real emotional impact. As you see your neighbors make the switch to solar, it’s normal to want to join in and do your part. It benefits us all, and that always feels good. Plus, it’s only human to want to be connected and engaged with a community.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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