A whole house fan is a great alternative to AC. California is the perfect place for this efficient system to be implemented as we have cool nights, even in the peak heat of the summer months. When an AC is being run all day, it cools the living spaces in your home but traps all the heat causing you to still continuously run the air conditioner throughout the much cooler night.

A whole house fan is installed between your living space and attic, and when turned on creates a vacuum to pull in cool air through your open windows, while simultaneously pushing hot air out through vents on your roof. In a matter of minutes your home cools up to 15 degrees, making it feel as if you are running your AC unit. Whole house fans are quiet, designed to run all night and consume as little as 29 watts and reducing the use of your AC unit by up to 50% making them an energy and cost-effective alternative.


Solar attic fans are active ventilation systems that keep attic temperatures low. Keeping attic temperatures low means less need to run your AC and consume high levels of energy, which saves you money. When its hot outside, the sun beats down onto your attic which does not have an efficient way to release that heat, this causes the heat to penetrate your insulation and other building materials of your home. When this occurs, it keeps the temperature in your home high- well into the night, penetrating your living spaces. Solar attic fans prevent this problem by running silently every day, providing ventilation in your attic and keeping heat and moisture from building up. They force hot air out, and since they are run completely off of solar energy, there is no need to waste energy therefore reducing your energy costs with the decreased need to run your AC by up to 20%. With the added benefit of reducing moisture (which can cause mold spores to grow, as well as the breakdown of insulation and rafters) solar attic fans reduce the need for preventative maintenance on your roof and attic.


Radiant Barrier is a form of reflective insulation made of aluminum clad materials that re-emits radiant heat instead of absorbing it. This type of insulation not only reduces summer heat gain, it also prevents heat loss in the winter. Radiant barrier is an efficient and permanent way to keep attic temperatures low, promote comfort through your home and reduce energy costs.

When heat penetrates your attic it acts like an oven, super heating the air and building materials. This heat then emits into your living spaces below, causing overuse of your AC unit. A radiant barrier acts to reduce the heat transfer coming from the underside of the roof and attic.


Nest is an app enabled wifi thermostat. It learns and allows you to create a personalized schedule based on the changes you make to it daily. It automatically adapts and changes to fit your lifestyle. Since it is app enabled, you can control nest from your smart phone or tablet in real-time, wherever you are. It also recognizes when you are away from your home and automatically adjusts so it is not heating or cooling an empty home. Nest can also provide you with a history of your energy usage and allows you to see when your system was powered on, and the auto-away feature and how they affect your energy usage. It also has a feature called “Leaf”. This symbol appears when you have your Nest set to a temperature that is most energy efficient.


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