Our Commitment To Long-Term Satisfaction

Manufacturer Warranties

We only install quality equipment from manufacturers who stand behind their product with industry-leading warranties. There are hundreds of products that are available to the solar industry, but there are only a few that represent excellence.

25- Year Production Warranty: Our Tier 1 solar panels come with a low 0.5% degradation rate.  Most other panels reduce annual production by a rate of 0.7%.

25- Year Product Warranty: While most manufacturers’ warranties last 10 to 12 years, our solar panels and inverters are guaranteed for 25 years with a product warranty.

Company Warranties

Where most solar companies fall short, SEC delivers. Our company warranties are in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, so we’ve got you completely covered and worry-free.

25- Year Production Warranty: We’re matching the manufacturer’s warranty and guaranteeing 100% in the first year – or we’ll pay you cash for any discrepancy in projected savings.

25- Year Product Warranty: Your solar system is protected from any defects on panels and inverters. 

25- Year Workmanship Warranty: Your solar system is protected from any workmanship defects on mounting, wiring, roof leaks, and associated equipment.

SEC 100% Production Warranty

SEC is so confident in our solar system design process that we guarantee, in writing, 100% power production for the first year stated in your agreement. If the production falls short, then SEC will not only pay the purchaser the cost difference of the power purchased from the customers utility company, but we’ll add a $100 gift card for the inconvenience.

Customer Care

We know that our customers’ experience reflects who we are as a company, and there’s nothing we take more seriously. We’ve invested in a process to keep you informed from the moment you contract with us, throughout the installation process, and for as long as you own your solar system.
Here’s an overview:

  • We assign a project manager that will keep you informed throughout your installation. 
  • A scheduled follow-up is conducted after 6 months and again after 12 months.
  • A customer experience team is available throughout the week to answer questions and take care of any issues that may arise.

Production and True-up bills


A true-up bill (left image) is a statement that your utility company sends you at the end of every 12 months of your solar system operation. Your utility company tracks the amount of power that you use above what your solar produces and bills you for the difference if any. A properly designed solar system should leave you with a negative to zero bills.
The unfortunate reality is that most solar representatives don’t know how to execute a proper solar system design. Your SEC representative will make certain that the system we design will leave no surprises at the end of the year.


Your solar system’s production requires a closer look than what most solar purchasers realize. SEC will spend the extra time to educate our customers, so that you get the immediate energy you need and enough for the future. When the system is designed with enough panels, customers will NOT end up with an unexpectedly high true-up bill from the utility company – one of our most commonly heard complaints from customers of other solar companies.


All panels come from the manufacturers with what they refer to as a ‘linear warranty’, meaning that the power production of the panels will degrade over time at no more than a stated amount. Most solar companies don’t take this into consideration when designing a solar system. Solar customers need to be aware and make sure that the degradation of the solar panels is factored into sizing the solar system if they want to achieve total self-reliance for their power needs.


We take the unusual step of offering a true production warranty to guarantee that the annual power production of the solar system will not drop below 100% the stated power at the time of installation and for the first year.  The industry standard practice is to play it safe and guarantee only 85% uncommon because it is difficult to predict the future.  However, it is possible to consider weather patterns, shading, roof pitch, panel degradation and sunlight averages.  We anticipate all those variables and add the additional equipment required to produce the power.  For SEC, it’s not about getting the sale – it’s about building your system to deliver over the long-term. 


Solar Energy Consultants LLC, Business Consultant, San Jose, CA

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