Solar Energy Consultants provide solutions for both small businesses and larger enterprises.

Many times small business owners suffer the most with energy costs compared to residential customers or larger enterprises in the area! However, this puts them in the best position to gain from investing into a solar energy system. Any area from rooftop, to carport or ground space can be utilized to power your business and reduce your energy costs- putting money right back into your pocket.

Larger Enterprises

Larger Businesses can gain in a different way. With electricity rates rising more than 20% in the last 10 years alone, the rate of larger enterprises investing in solar energy has boomed. The prices of completing these projects has decreased more than 45% in just the last 5 years! Large expanses of roof can be easily utilized to power large retail stores, or manufacturing buildings. Not to mention greater sustainability and good publicity.


Solar Energy Consultants LLC, Business Consultant, San Jose, CA

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